What is?

Simulator for the simulation of agribusiness companies. The simulated companies are small manufacturers or cooperatives of rural producers. They buy agricultural raw materials from farmers or intermediaries and turn them into consumer products.

The simulator reproduces the conditions of operation of this process of transformation and commercialization, encompassing the areas of production, sales, financial and human resources. During the simulation, the participants may encounter typical agribusiness situations.

Recommendation of Use

- Undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to agribusiness

- Agribusiness cooperatives and companies

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How it works?

For each simulated period, it is necessary to plan the machines, purchase agricultural raw materials and packaging, marketing policy, and define the number of employees needed, which may involve hiring, layoffs, or overtime. The employees responsible for transforming agricultural raw material into consumer products have their productivity modified by factors such as training, wage level, and others.

The demand for products considers factors such as price, payment term, advertising, and agribusiness growth. The agricultural product is perishable, therefore, its producers must seek a balance between production and sale so that there is no loss of products.

The financial management includes loans, financing, investment of funds, and factoring.

WebSimulator Features

Get to know the features of the WebSimulator, Bernard’s business simulation environment.

Support Material

Reference documents for simulator users. The coordinator can also add his own material.

English, Portuguese and Spanish

WebSimulator is available in different languages.

Grades Worksheet

Control of the performance of simulation participants.


History of accesses and actions in the WebSimulator, of each participant of the simulation.

Certificate of Participation

Issuance of certificates to participants.


Space for messages to all participants of the simulation.


Direct communication between coordinator and participants inside the simulator.


Scheduling and control of simulation activities.

Individual and Collective Access

Access by individual users or by the team.
Agribusiness Simulator Features

Information on the Agribusiness Business Simulator.

Customizable Scenarios

The simulation coordinator draws the economic scenario of each round, controlling several variables to define the level of complexity of the game. Therefore, each company game is unique, and the scenarios are numerous.


Users visualize and analyze the results of managerial simulation using macroeconomic and corporate charts. Indicators of the market, economy, and companies and their performance are presented.


The financial, operational, macroeconomic, and valuation reports of companies are available in the simulator. The information contained in them is essential and is used as the basis for the decision-making.

DSS Module

It is possible to expand the possibilities of the company game and to use more resources of the simulator. The Decision Support System (DSS) is a tool to assist participants during the decision-making process.