Launched in 1992, Bernard brings a modern line of simulators focused on managerial training. Its products are used in technical courses, technologists, undergraduate and graduate (MBA).

In addition to providing business simulation games to educational institutions, Bernard relies on other solutions for companies and private institutions, such as in-company courses and simulation tournaments, which highly qualified professionals teach with extensive experience in methodology.

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals, such as programmers, development analysts, support analysts, engineers, administrators, and others.

  • Mission

    Provide solutions in the area of management training and development using the Business Games method.

  • Vision

    To be a reference in the area of Business Simulation in academic and corporate environments.

  • Values

    Ethic; Team work; Innovation and Technological Domain; Satisfaction of Employees, Partners, and Clients.

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Know the most striking facts in the history of Bernard Business Simulations.

1992 - Foundation of the Company

On April 13, 1992, the company was founded by brothers Ricardo, Paul, and Guilherme Bernard. The company started its activities by developing business gaming software and commercial automation software. A beautiful story was born there…

1992 - Launch of Manufacturing and Retailing Simulators

Manufacturing and Retailing Simulators were launched this year.

1998 - Start of the Managerial Tournament

This year, the history of the Managerial Tournament, today Brazil’s largest academic business tournament, was started. In the pilot tournament, only 16 teams participated, and, in the first editions, the sending of the decisions and receiving the reports were carried out entirely by fax. Currently, it is 100% realized on the web. It has had the participation of more than 15,000 participants and distributed more than $ 130,000 in prizes.

1999 - Creation of Simulating

The launch of Bernard’s newsletter was the creation of a new means of communication between the company and those interested in the area of business games. With more than 30 editions, the “Speak Professor” (interview with renowned professionals in the field) is the highlight section of Simulating.

1999 - Launch of Services Simulator

This year the Service Simulator was launched.

2004 - Launch of the WebSimulator

The launch of the WebSimulator was the grand milestone of the end of the “analog era” of business simulation and the beginning of the “digital age.” Bernard’s web environment is used to manage and carry out business games, both on the coordinating and the participant side. On average, the WebSimulator has 400,000 hits and 5,000,000 page views per year.

2004 - Creation of the ``Solidary Bernard``

Start of Solidary Bernard, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area of the company, with actions such as philanthropy of Easter, children’s day, Christmas and special projects. Thousands of needy people have already been impacted by our program.

2006 - MPE Brazil Award

The MPE Brazil award is a recognition of management practices undertaken in micro and small companies. The awards are held jointly by Gerdau Group, Movimento Brasil Competitivo (MBC), National Quality Foundation (FNQ), SEBRAE, and RBS Group. Finalist in 2005, 2009, and 2010 editions, in 2006 Bernard was chosen the best technology company of Santa Catarina State, Brazil.

2006 - Entrepreneurs Talents Award

The Entrepreneurs Talents award is a recognition for micro and small companies in Santa Catarina (Brazil) regarding innovative management methods. Bernard was a finalist in 2005 among companies in the Greater Florianopolis region. In 2006 It and was chosen as the best technology-based company in Santa Catarina state. The prize was held by Sebrae, Gerdau group and RBS/Rede Globo group.

2007 - MBC Recognition Award

In March 2007, Bernard received the National Recognition to Micro and Small Companies that stood out for their managerial practices. The award is one of the actions promoted by the Brazil + Cooperation Network, Movimento Brasil Competitivo e Sebrae Nacional. Its main objective is to encourage competitiveness, quality, management, innovation, and productivity. The award ceremony was held in Brasilia capital.

2007 - Partner elected ABSEL director

The Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning (ABSEL) is the leading global association of business games and management simulations. Ricardo Bernard, a partner of the company, was nominee to ABSEL board of directors, 2007-2008.

2008 - Internationalized Simulators

The WebSimulator has been prepared for the global market, translated into English and Spanish. As a result, Bernard solutions can be used in Portuguese, English, and Spanish-speaking countries.

2009 - Progressus Project Award

Bernard was recognized as the best company of the Progressus Project – Cooperative Platform for Technologically Based Business Development of High Competitiveness and Market Value. This is an organizational assessment to analyze best management practices and identify the level of companies’ competitiveness.

2009 - Creation of the Improvement Course

From this year, Bernard organizes training courses for coordinators of management simulation courses that use our solutions. They are offered semiannually and for free to our clients.

2010 - Best Paper Award

Collaborators from Bernard received the award for best ABSEL paper on managerial simulation, with the theme “Influence of students’ predictability in the results of simulated companies”. It was written by Moisés Pacheco de Souza (Bernard’s analyst at the time), Ricardo Bernard (partner of the company), and Hugh Cannon (professor at Wayne State University – USA).

2011 - Launch of Banking Simulator

This year the Banking Simulator was launched.

2011 - Lauch of Insurance Simulator

This year the Insurance Simulator was launched.

2013 - New Bernard’s Headquarters

Bernard inaugurated its 360-square-meter headquarters located in the region of technology parks, where technology-focused buildings are concentrated. The building, called TechPlan, was built in conjunction with five other companies in the industry. It has modern facilities providing more comfort to clients and employees.

2013 - Launch of Investment Fund Simulator

This year the Investment Funds Simulator was launched.

2014 - Launch of Agribusiness Simulator

This year the Agribusiness Simulator was launched.

2015 - Lauch of SIM Reward Program

Always seeking to innovate and bring the best possible experience to our customers, Bernard launched the SIM Program, the first relationship program in the business games area in Brazil.

2017 - Bernard 25 Years

25th anniversary of the company. Special actions were carried out in commemoration, such as promotions, raffles, giveaways, and others. The 2017/1 Improvement Course had a special dinner to commemorate the date.

2017 - New WebSimulator

Our web environment has been rewritten from scratch, with a dramatic change in design and structuring, optimized performance, improved usability, and expanded functionality. The environment was developed together with the users, who made valuable suggestions. It was the most significant change in the WebSimulator since its launch.

2018 - WebSimulator App

Bernard stepped into the mobile world by launching the WebSimulator App for Android and iOS platforms. The application allows the participant to follow their managerial simulations right in the palm of his hand. With the app, he receives notifications about his simulations and can track the main information.

2020 to 2023 - Covid-19 Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we haven’t stopped. On the contrary, we have developed various features on our platform. As a result, our customers have enjoyed a better experience using our products remotely.