Bernard Solutions

We offer a variety of business game solutions so that the client can tailor them according to their needs.

Business games offered for application in companies, taught by qualified professionals with great experience.

We have a team of specialists capable of developing specific simulators, according to the needs of the client.

Competitions of business games, where the management simulation methodology is applied using the Bernard simulators.

Since 1998, Bernard has held a national managerial simulation tournament with the use of the simulators developed by the company.

Our Clients and Partners

Bernard’s business games have already been used in more than 270 academic clients and dozens of corporations.
Develop and train your students through business gaming solutions, combining theory with management practice. The use of business simulator is applicable in high school, technical, undergraduate and postgraduate.
Use business games to train management skills of your students, be they employees, partners or customers. Business simulation will bring a unique experience to Corporate University!
If your company provides management consulting, become a partner of Bernard Business Simulation. Specialize in business simulators and apply business gaming with your customers.
Use our business simulators for technical training of your employees, leadership development and training of trainees. Apply company game also in congresses and departmental integration.

Want to know more?

In addition to business simulators for company gaming, Bernard offers in-company courses and tournaments tailored to the needs of your educational institution or company.

Contact us, it will be a pleasure to meet you and present our solutions.