Manufacturing Simulator

jogo de empresa industrial

Simulated companies must produce and sell durable consumer goods marketed in various regions, including abroad.

Agribusiness Simulator

jogo de empresa agronegocios

The companies are small manufacturers and cooperatives of rural producers, with activities and situations typical of agribusiness.

Retailing Simulator

jogo de empresa comercial

The simulated companies are retail stores that market perishable and durable products in the traditional and electronic markets.

Banking Simulator

jogo de empresa bancario

The participants manage at a strategic level, defining policies to be implemented by the bank branches and offering a portfolio of products.

Service Simulator


Simulated companies provide low (cleaning and security), medium (technical), and high (systems analysts and advertising) training services.

Insurance Simulator

jogo de empresa seguros

The products offered are Automobile Insurance, Elementary Branches (EB), and Life Insurance. The distribution channel is brokers.